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Original Papercut artwork for all occasions and enjoyment. Each cut is one of a kind, and is handmade to meet your needs and ideas, either for yourself or as a gift.

As noted in the About Papercuts, they are made for many occasions and uses. Often they commemorate an important life event such as a wedding or Bar/Bat Mitzvah. Many are made for naming a baby, or when ones become a Jew by choice and takes on a Hebrew name. Other occasions are retirement, blessing a new home, celebrating a birthday or anniversary.

As an additional product I often make papercuts in advance of an occasion and use that design for creating an invitation or program cover.  I create a package that includes the papercut, invitations, note, thank you and table cards and program cover if desired.

My papercuts are NOT reproduced by lasers or other mechanical means. Even those papercuts replicating or deriving from other of my designs are hand cut. It is also important to note that I use 120 wt. Arches or Stonehenge white or off-white paper. The sole exceptions are pieces cut out of metals such as steel or aluminum.

Time and creativity are everything: my prices vary according to the needs of the work and each is cut solely by my hand. When looking at other papercut artists, please be aware that lower prices mean that the pieces are cut by lasers and reproduced “en masse.”

Since each cut, or larger “package” is made to order, prices vary considerably.  Cuts that are personalized from an available design usually begin at $250.   Customized artwork is always more costly, but provide a totally unique piece which will provide years of enjoyment and pride.

Please use the attached form for any questions, comments or feedback on my work.  I would appreciate hearing from you.

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